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Our team of instructors offers you the opportunity to learn effective martial arts strategies from world-class martial artists who have applied the concepts effectively to sport and real-world situations.

Mike Lynch

'My initial aim for A.C.T. was to work with Tom to create the most efficient and simple way of dealing with violent subjects. I then quickly realised that the simple objective it offers means this concept can be used in any environment.'

Mike has served as a Police Officer for nearly twenty years, and over the past decade been a National Trainer in Public Order. He currently teaches personal safety to Police in the UK.

Outside of his career in law enforcement, Mike has a plethora of experience with a number of martial arts. This experience has translated to success in international tournaments. Most notably, Mike has won first places in the World Open Karate Championships in Italy, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu English and European Championships, and the 2017 (LA) and 2019 (China) World Police & Fire Games in Grappling and Karate.

Mike also holds an ABA Level 1 Boxing Coaching certificate and a Level 3 NVQ in Learning and Development.

Mike Lynch

Tom Watson

Tom is a former mixed martial arts competitor, whose career began in 2006. He is the former BAMMA Middleweight Champion, the UCMMA Middleweight Champion, and has competed in the UFC, Cage Rage, and MFC promotions. In 2013, he was ranked inside the world's top 20 fighters for his division.

Tom has an extensive boxing background, winning three ABA Southern Counties Championships as well as becoming a Full Contact Unlicensed Boxing Champion. In 2005, he was ranked the 3rd Amateur boxer in Britain.

He transitioned into Muay Thai and Kickboxing, amassing a record of 11-0 (8 KO's). Once moving into MMA, Tom spent most of his career training under two coaches: Firas Zahabi and Greg Jackson (both multiple-time winners of the world's best MMA Coach award). Further to this, he moved to study in California and Miami in the sport of collegiate wrestling

Since his retirement from competition in 2015, having achieved a Masters degree in Athletic Performance, Tom has set up his own facility, Analysis Gym, through which he has been striving to increase safety in martial arts performance. Tom has spent the last few years helping to design systems for self defence and establish training methods to mitigate the prevalence of CTE and other brain injuries experienced by combat athletes in later life.

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