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Currently, we run weekly classes at two venues:

EVERY TUESDAY: 19:15-20:45PM -Moichido Dojo (Horton Country Park)

Horton Lane, Epsom, KT19 8PL

EVERY SUNDAY: 09:30-10:30AM - Portsmouth Enterprise Centre (Unit 33)

Quartremaine Road, PO3 5QT

Please use the Contact Form below to book a class!

ACT Self Defence


  • Weekly classes

  • 121 tuition

  • Rehabilitation

  • Instructor opportunities

  • Schools and Colleges

Bronze Level


  • Develop an understanding of the basic A.C.T. Principles within a self defence situation.

Bronze Level Students will:

  • Gain an insight into the psychology of confrontation and a better understanding of the tactical options available to them in self defence situations.

Silver Level Students will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to use the A.C.T. Principles.

  • Further their knowledge of the tactical options open to them in a self defence situation.

  • Show effective control of a subject when faced with a  confrontational situation.


Silver Level
Gold Level


Gold Level Students will:

  • Show that they can effectively deal with a confrontation using the A.C.T. System's principles, in the most efficient manner, whilst maintaining their own safety and that of the subject.

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