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Hampshire Police - MMA Club Seminar

Hampshire Police were fortunate enough to receive a seminar from Tom Watson and Mike Lynch on the ACT principles and using this simple method to effectively deal with violent offenders. Feedback was excellent, from experienced police officers who commented that the concept would definitely assist police in safely detaining offenders. 


ACT Self Defence

MMA Club - London Seminar

ACT Self defence were invited to teach their self defence concept at New School Martial Arts, London.  The seminar was for charity in aid of the Australian Bush fires and was attended by world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors.  Feedback was excellent and top grapplers commented that it was an interesting concept in terms of end game, to control someone as opposed to competitively submit them, relevant to policing and Self defence. 

ACT Self Defence


ACT Kids Summer Course 2021

ACT carried out a 5 week summer course for children, 12-17 years. In only 5 weeks the youths learnt an abundance of easy to retain skills, ranging from striking to ground work and the fundamentals of self defence. Left, one of the students demonstrate how to control an attacker as opposed to fight him. ACT plan to do more kids classes as the feedback was so positive

Metropolitan police seminar


The team took some of Met's finest for a 3 hour seminar on police self defence. The feedback was amazing. See testimonial page. This will be an ongoing project for ACT. 

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